Fortnite Wiki

Fortnite Wiki will try to take a short tour of maybe the greatest video game ever!

You guys definitely heard about the global gaming phenomenon called Fortnite. Well, did you know the game is relatively new? This video game, developed by Epic Games was first released on July 25th 2017. The game is available in three district game mode versions that sincerely share the same game play and game engine.

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Apex Legends Wiki

Our Apex Legends Wiki will try to give you a short brief of the great game called Apex Legends! As you may know already, this is a free-to-play battle royale game, released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The game’s release was a surprise for the genre fans, as the developers didn’t use any prior marketing techniques.

And they had a bright idea! That’s because upon release, Apex Legends received many favorable reviews from the metacritics, as it became the second highest reviewed game for consoles in 2019.

Let’s discuss a bit about the game play. The game contains elements from a large variety of video games, such as Respawn’s own Titanfall series, battle royale games, class-based shooters, and those with evolving narratives. More than 60 players are gathered in teams of three players, as they are pitted against each other on an island. You cannot love Apex Legends! This battle royale game borrows concepts of a hero shooter, with an action taking place thirty years later than in Titanfall 2.

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Forge of Empires Wiki

The Forge of Empires Wiki goal is to make a brief description of this perfect game! Forge of Empires is all over! You can see their ad on TV, on the internet and mostly on Facebook. This game became so popular that you cannot have access to the great World Wide Web without knowing about it. And in case you are one of the exceptions, please share you experience with us!

Do you guys like playing Forge of Empires? For how long? Make a summary and let others learn from your experience by writing a comment in the section below. Maybe your views will help other players that just started playing this amazing online game. Or you can team up in the future who knows?

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Lords Mobile: Battle of the Empires Wiki

Lords Mobile: Battle of the Empires Wiki is here to complete your knowledge about the new Lords Mobile: Battle of the Empires on Android! Are you curios?

In the main game action of the game the world is changed after the emperor died. Lords seek power, driven by ambition and greed in place that was once a quiet one. So the main land has been split into half. Many are declaring themselves as the rightful heirs to the throne. This is how an endless king wars for power and glory has begun….

So go and explore the magical lands of Lords Mobile and fight monsters and other enemies. It’s all up to you to restore balance of power in this mobile RPG by creating the biggest castle empire! You can also choose to forge alliances and fight along for victory!

Do you guys have what it takes? Course you do, in fact all you need is a smartphone! So go and build your very own epic empire by playing the newest RPG on Google Play!

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Subway Surfers Game Wiki

Subway Surfers Game Wiki is here to share a small amount of experience of maybe the greatest dashing game ever made for Android smartphones – Subway Surfers! So do you guys play this game on your Android devices? How’s your experience? You can also share the make and model of your gaming device and please, don’t say Galaxy Fold. That’s because we don’t like liars at all!

Coming back to the main title. As you definitely know already, your main mission in this game is to have fun. Well, we won’t argue about that. All you need to do is to dodge and dash in the subway and score as high as you can! Then you can brag about your gaming skills on the web. It’s such a nice feeling to be the best at something right? We know!

So go and help Jake and his friends escape from the grumpy inspector and his mad dog. Take the paint powered jetpack and enjoy the colorful and vivid HD graphics offered by the developers. Join the most daring chase you could ever take part of!

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Tribes Wiki

Tribes Wiki will try to sum up the main facts about Tribes game. Let’s start¬† with the game release. That was back in 1998. Pretty cool right? We are sure you did not knew that!

The game developers managed to keep up with the latest gaming requirements and managed to offer a good experience to players. Let’s face it, back in the day, how many of you had access to great new thing called internet?

Tribes Wiki refers to the so called main-game. Course, the game versions changed during this large time period, the latest release is called Tribes: Ascend – 2012.

The Tribes series begins in in the year 2471. Yeah, that’s way off in the future. In this world a scientist called Solomon Petresun invents the first cybrid, a bio-cybernetic hybrid artificial intelligence named Prometheus. Based on its design, thousands of cybrids are mass-produced as slaves. By the year 2602, Prometheus grows wary of humans and rallies all cybrids against humanity.

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