Wolfteam Cheats

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Wolfteam Hack

Wolfteam is a FTP first person shooter that gathers two rival teams: Red Team and Blue Team. Your main objective in this game is to eliminate the other team and capture all the control points in the multiple game modes. You can also choose from a large variety of weaponry. Good!

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Wolfteam Hack

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Wolfteam Hack

Wolfteam is a great first person shooter game with more game modes avaiable such as Destruction, Ice Hold, Conquest, WolfHunt and Deathmatch. The objective is to defeat the other team, plant a bomb or capture all  the control points.

A large variety of weapons are available for you to battle, depending on the situation. There are Basic Weapons, Standard Weapons and Heavy Weapons. As you already may have figured out from the name of the game, you are able to play with a large variety of wolves. Wolves are better in almost everything: damage, health, movement.

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