PixWords Cheat v1.60

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PixWords Hack

Here is some info about this game. Being developed by Black Maple Games, PixWords became very fast the most popular word puzzle game. The game play is fairly basic. You are being given a picture and you have to find the crossword puzzle behind it.

As simple as it appears to be, as challenging and entertaining it is. With 21 languages to choose from and more than 500 levels, this great game is a great way to improve your vocabulary and have fun at the same time, entering a whole new galaxy where the limit is your imagination.

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PixWords Coin Generator

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Pixwords Hack

Each level of the game contains a puzzle hidden in a picture. After solving one word, you open another one in order to reveal the entire puzzle. It’s up to you to try and solve all the words. You can also ask for your friends help on the social media. But why ask for help when you have PixWords Coin Generator Tool?

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