Megapolis Cheats v2.8

We’ve decided to bring you today Megapolis CheatsĀ v2.8! With the use of this amazing cheat tool you can now generate infinite amounts of Coins and Megabucks for free! No more wasting your time for currency in order to enjoy the game. This cheat program is guaranteed to bring back your excitement!

If you’ve been dreaming to have your own city, Megapolis is the perfect game for you. It gives you a wide variety of buildings, making each city unique. In order to thrive you should collaborate with your neighbors and trade materials.

There is a true competition between each town. Having so many buildings available, you must choose the best ones and create a prosperous city. If you want to have the freedom of building anything you want, anytime you want, you must have lots of currency. But, don’t even think about using real money!

Megapolis Cheats can generate for you unlimited amounts of Coins and Megabucks! The city of your dreams is just a few clicks away. We guarantee that this hack tool is totally free to use! Here is a preview image of the program:

Fullscreen capture 15.03.2016 011041

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