Ice Age Adventures Cheat 1.9.2

Our team releases for you today Ice Age Adventures Cheat v1.9.2! All the currency you ever wanted can be yours in just a few moments! We designed this hack tool so you can generate any amount of Acorns, Berries and Shells you want! Awesome!

No ice age fan should miss Ice Age Adventure. It is a very entertaining game that can easily become addictive. You will embark on your journey with iconic characters like Sid, Diego and Manny. The goal of the game is to rescue all of your friends. In order to do that you must go and discover new lands and play all kinds of fun mini-games.

You have a match 3 game that will save a lot of animals. With the help of Sid you will slide your way to the rescue of herd’s babies. As Scrat is always on the run, you also have a runner mini-game. Among other great features,¬†you can compete with your friends in daily and weekly challenges.

When you run out of currency it can get rather frustrating. Age Adventures Cheat is specially designed to generate as many Acorns, Berries and Shells as you want! Totally free of charge! This is how this looks like:

Fullscreen capture 24.03.2016 234032

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