Contract Wars Cheats

We decided to build Contract Wars Cheats v2.7.1, a totally free cheat tool that will definitely change your gaming experience in a good way! So in case you are smart and decide to use this hack tool, we guarantee you will get all the currency you need!

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Contract Wars Hack

Get into fight! Contract Wars is a modern MMOFPS that can be played in your browser. No instalation required! The game action is set in the near future, a world in which all power calls are spent by the private companies. Your job is to fight side by side with your friends on different maps and multiple game modes. You will be able to access a great arsenal and unlock tons of new features. But for all that you will need lots of in-game currency – called GP and CR. Well, Contract Wars Cheats is able to generate infinite amounts of both GP and CR for your account in a matter of minutes. Awesome news! Free and safe to use!

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