Fallout Shelter Hack v1.4

We release for you today Fallout Shelter Hack v1.4! With this perfect hack tool you will be able to get unlimited amounts of Caps and Lunch boxes for your Android device! Don’t be limited by the small amount of currency anymore! You can become greater than ever!

In Fallout Shelter you will experience a whole new adventure, a new concept. Life after a nuclear explosion! You will have to control a small group of people which are going to live underground. Your job is to make their life as thriving and as happy as possible.

You have lots of ways of customizing your vault in order to make dwellers life as good as you can. In time they will build relationships and even fall in love with each other. If they get bored, you can use their crafting skills in order to transform junk into something useful.

From time to time, you can also go to the surface and explore the Wastelands looking for items. You have to be careful, the surface is a dangerous place and you don’t want to get your people eliminated.

We want you to have as much fun as possible while playing the game. That is why we recommend you to use Fallout Shelter Hack and generate any amount of Caps and Lunch boxes you want! Just imagine all the possibilities you’ll have with so much currency at your disposal! Here is a preview image of the cheat tool:

Fullscreen capture 30.03.2016 200000

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