Drakensang The Dark Eye Hack

Today we release a new hack tool for your favourite MMORPG game! Drakensang The Dark Eye Hack v3.1.5 is designed to generate all the currency you ever wanted. Don’t even think on spending real money, as the developers would want you to. Use this hack and generate unlimited amounts of Gold and Andermant!

Drakensang Hack

Drakensang The Dark Eye is a browser-based fantasy role playing game developed by Bigpoint. It is very similar to a more popular game which you may know, Diablo. In the beginning you have to create a character, such as a Dragonknight or Spellweaver.

You can have up to four characters on a server. From now on, its your choice what you wish to do. You can do dungeons, complete quests, kill monsters and many other interesting things. Also you can play with your friends and join a guild, where you cooperate with other players. Too bad that developers put huge prices on the important features.

Enjoy your game at maximum with all features available. Use Drakensang The Dark Eye Hack and generate all the Andermant and Gold you want! Feel the full game-experience for free!

Drakensang The Dark Eye Hack is totally free to use!

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