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Subway Surfers Game Wiki is here to share a small amount of experience of maybe the greatest dashing game ever made for Android smartphones – Subway Surfers! So do you guys play this game on your Android devices? How’s your experience? You can also share the make and model of your gaming device and please, don’t say Galaxy Fold. That’s because we don’t like liars at all!

Coming back to the main title. As you definitely know already, your main mission in this game is to have fun. Well, we won’t argue about that. All you need to do is to dodge and dash in the subway and score as high as you can! Then you can brag about your gaming skills on the web. It’s such a nice feeling to be the best at something right? We know!

So go and help Jake and his friends escape from the grumpy inspector and his mad dog. Take the paint powered jetpack and enjoy the colorful and vivid HD graphics offered by the developers. Join the most daring chase you could ever take part of!

Subway Surfers Game Wiki is not complete unless you help!

We know ask you to complete this Subway Surfers Game Wiki. It’s for the best. We know you are already addicted to the game, so e challenge you to share your experience with Subway Surfers by posting a comment in the section below. We wanna find out how did this game changed your life! You can also share tricks for the game in order to help other players advance faster in the game!

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Subway Surfers Game Wiki

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