League of Legends Hack Tool

League of Legends Hack Tool v4.9.5 is finnaly here as you guys requested in the section! So if you are looking for a smart way to get more currency for this famous game, you landed on the right website! This free cheat tool can generate infinite amounts of Riot Points and Influence Points for your account in a matter of minutes! Yeah. You are minutes away from getting any amounts of currency you need. Enjoy!

League of Legends Hack

As you guys know, League of Legends is a multiplayer online battle arena video game that turned into a real success after its release. The game was the most played online game in Europe and North America in terms of the number of hours played. Cool! You will control a so called champion in order to be matched in a PvP battle or bot game.

Obviously, you will level up by killing opposing players and also gain in-game currency. Riot Points can be bought by using real money, while Influence Points are earned during the game play. But League of Legends Hack Tool will give you any amounts of both currencies! It’s real! The program can generate infinite Riot Points and Influence Points!

League of Legends Hack Tool use instructions.

League of Legends Hack Tool v4.9.5 is so simple to use! All you need to do first is download the hack program archive by clicking on a button below and extract it to your station. Now open League of Legends Hack Tool main file and get ready for more RP and IP. The hack program appeared on your screen and it looks like the one shown in the image above. You are seconds away from free currency!

Enter your username or e-mail and input your desired amounts of Riot Poins and Influence Points. Click on the Hack button on the right side of the window and wait for a few minutes. After the hack process is completed, feel free to open the game and login.

You will be amazed! Your new currency amounts are ready to be used. Be kind and tell us how did League of Legends Hack Tool changed your life. You can leave a comment below and also share this cheat on the social media. Thank you!

What are you guys waiting for now? Click on a download link below and use League of Legends Hack Tool for free! You will be the new world champion!

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League of Legends Hack Tool

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