Kingdoms of Camelot Cheats

If you like strategy games, this one is the perfect one for you! With Kingdoms of Camelot Cheats you will love this game a lot more, as you can generate infinite amounts of Gold and Gems.

Among many strategy games on Facebook , Kingdoms of Camelot, released by Kabam is one of the most successful, despite the simple graphics and heavily menu-driven game play, just because you need to pay attention to details if you want to be unstoppable and conquer anyone who dares to stand in your way.

Kingdoms of Camelot Hack

In Kingdoms of Camelot story there are 3 areas. The city, found inside the walls, where we find homes, markets, troop facilities and few others. The field is the place where resources are produced, so we find here mines, farms, quarries and saw mills. The final area is the place where you can conquer forests and mountains to increase your resources, invade enemy camps or find undiscovered areas to expand your kingdom. But, a mighty kingdom requires a big and powerful army and a well-structured city.

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All these buildings and troops require time and resources, but with unlimited supplies of Gems you can certainly speed up the process. Also, instead of collecting gold from citizens and decrease their happiness, you can generate Gold on your own, which will really give an outstanding boost to your kingdom. But now Kingdoms of Camelot Cheats comes handy!

You can download this incredible hack from one of the mirrors below. After you’ve finished downloading, extract the file and run Kingdoms of Camelot Cheats application. Input the desired amount of Gold and Gems and hit the HACK button. In just a few minutes the whole process will be completed and you’ll enjoy this amazing game. Make sure you have started the game before using this hack tool, because it doesn’t require any username.

Also have in mind the internal cheat engine will be updated with the latest working cheat codes for Gold and Gems every time you will run the software.

Don’t waste this opportunity and download Kingdoms of Camelot Cheats now!

Mirror 1

Mirror 2

        If you have any problems while using Kingdoms of Camelot Cheats, read Help page from the top site menu. Thanks!

Kingdoms of Camelot Cheats

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